Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Noteworthy blog posts (1)

I love reading book blogs. Especially "special-posts" (Sorry, I don't have a better word for it). Posts that aren't reviews, memes, features etc. Just unique, one time posts about thoughta, tips and other fun things. And I thought that I would start "collecting" these posts on by blog. So you guys can find good blog posts and I can come back and reread my favorites. And no, this won't be one post that will be updated whenever I find a new post I'd like to share. I'll write new posts once in a while.

Series vs Standalones an interesting post by Bookwormbouleward.

Thoughts on: e-books v. books by Word for Teens. I appreciate posts about e-books a lot. I'm myself wondering about whether I should buy an e-reader or not. So I want other peoples opinion. I'd like to have one, but I think I would miss having physical copies in my bookshelf. So I would probably end up buying real life copies, and owning both an e-book copy and a "real" one. Which would not do good for my book buying economy. If you know about any other e-book posts please comment with a link! Or tell me what you think about your e-reader if you have one :)

10 signs of book  addiction by the Story Siren. I like this one a lot. Though it's sad to now have it on paper, I am a book addict. Number 8 is the one that describes me the best. Mom: "Olivia, it's time for the christmas meal now! Everybody are waiting for you!" Me: "Wait! Just let me finish these last 100 pages, I'll be there soon!"

BEA budget. One from The Story Siren and another from Wastepaper prose. Though I'm obviously not going to BEA, I like the tips in these posts. And they doesn't fit for only BEA, the tips can be used to other traveling as well!

Love, Olivia

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