Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello people! After many goodbyes, many hours spent in planes and airports and constantly being tired, I'm finally in Japan. We are spending one night at a hotel here in Tokyo and taking buses to our respective arrival orientations tomorrow. I have met lots of people from lots of countries and am super excited but super tired. It's really hot and humid here, a nice change to the horrible cold in Sweden!

Just wanted to throw in an update and tell you guys that I'm okay! See you later!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm going to Japan!

Yes. This is really happening. Tomorrow I'm leaving cozy little Stockholm and moving to Japan for a year. More specifically, Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan. I'm doing an exchange student program through AFS and am going live in a host family (mine seems to so kind and sweet) and study at a Japanese high school. Do I know any Japanese yet? A bit, but enough to not be screwed.

To my new readers, welcome! As you might see, this is not my first posts here on this blog. I used to have a book blog (which actually was a lot of fun.) I've left all my old posts for your enjoyment and possibly my embarrassment.

To my old readers (not meaning in age), welcome back! I've changed the layout and name of the blog, so you might be a bit confused about where you are. But it's still me, still my blog. Even though I won't write as much about books, I hope that you guys will stay around!

For both new and old readers, I'm going to write about my life in Japan and how it is to do an exchange year. I'm not promising that I'll be updating regularly, but I hope that I'll have time to throw in a few posts every now and then!

I'm really, really excited for going. Studying a year abroad has been my dream for so long and I'm finally doing it!!!

Hope you'll enjoy my blog!

さようなら!(sayonara - goodbye)

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