Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Hunger Games movie!

Last Tuesday I read a tweet about the now official release date of The Hunger Games movie, and I actually jumped up from my bed and started screaming. I'm super duper excited! I love when they make movies about books I like (even though they never are as good as the book). The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books ever, and I really hope that they make the movie awesome.

The release date is set on March 23rd 2012, can we wait that long?

They've recently hired a casting director and the discussions about who should get the main parts have been ongoing for a long time. A few actors claims that they've read the script. I personally would want unknown actors to have the parts. Then it would be more like "oh, there's Katniss" and not "oh, there's this and that actor who plays Katniss". Kind of like they did in Twilight and Harry Potter, hehe. Would you want known or unknown actors to have the parts? Do you have any actors that you think would be perfect as any of the characters?

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A list of actors that could play the parts. Not my favorite ones, many of them are to old :/ I would really love Deborah Ann Woll as the Awox girl though!

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