Sunday, October 16, 2011

Solid - Review

Solid (Solid #1)
by Shelly Workinger
Published: July 9, 2010
Rating: 3,5/5

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"After deftly replacing the desk to camouflage the secret door and once again securing the journal in the locked drawer, he looked up and caught his reflection in the window glass. He jauntily flicked his stiff cap with one finger, his mouth widening a fiendish grin as he unabashedly admired the face of the soon-to-be most revered geneticist in, not just military or medical, but, in fact, world history." from the end of the prologue

In Solid, Clio and a hundred other teenagers learn that they've been genetically altered before birth in a secret experiment. The scientist took his secret with him to the grave, but his journal was found by the government, who bring the teens together and help them develop their super abilities. But Clio quickly learns that everything is not as it seems. Workinger has written a fast paced novel filled with friendship, romance and mystery. With a strong group of characters who work well together, an original plot and a lot of questions that aren't answered until the end, Solid is a quick and interesting read. The mystery aspect could've been a bit more developed, but Solid is still worth a read.

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