Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 2011

Hello book lovers! I hope you've had a wonderful February! Mine hasn't been the best, I've been sick almost the whole time. At one point I had to stay home for one week and couldn't do anything more than sleep and watch tv. So no reading or blogging for that week. And the first half of February was filled with lots of student council meetings for our big party on Valentines Day. So hardly any reading or blogging for those weeks either.

I made myself a new layout, which I like a lot. I've read 19 books for my goal of 70, which is 27%! I think I'll have to make a new goal if I continue at this speed ... And I've gotten lots of awesome books this month! I've also officially went on a book buying ban, something I'm not as excited about ..

Books I've read this month (6):
The Awakening - L.J. Smith
The Struggle - L.J. Smith (I'll be reviewing these two books in one review, which is coming soon. I've actually already written the review but not posted it yet, oddly enough.)
Gossip Girl the Carlyles - Cecily von Ziegesar
Håpas Du Trifs Bra I Fengelset - Susanna Alakovski (A Swedish title, won't review it.)
Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver (Review is maybe coming soon. I really liked it, but can't really remember much about it.)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green & David Levithan 

Favorite books this month:
Do you really have to ask? Look at the last book in the read-this-month list. Still don't know? Will Grayson, Will Grayson of course!

Currently reading and will read next:
I'm reading a swedish fantasy novel at the time (Där drömmar blir till by Emma Andersson). I've got about 50 pages left and actually like it. Even though I only bought it because the main character is named Olivia (just like me!)
I've got about five books from the library that have to be returned in one month. So I'll be reading those. I'll probably start with If I Stay or Parasite Positive (also known as Peeps)

Expectations for March:
I'm currently on my "sports break", a thing that we have here in Sweden. So I don't have to go to school for this whole week, wihoo! That means lots of blogging and reading! The week after I'll go to Finland for a exchange student program, which means no blogging for a week. (Sad face) 

Hope you'll have an awesome March!

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