Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Good Valentines Day reads

Happy Valentine's Day peeps! I hope that all you lucky people have a wonderful evening with your loved one and give all us usually happy singles but today depressed loners a thought. I myself will be spending the night in bed reading Before I Fall. Anybody know if there's some hawt guy in it? Since if so, he's going to be my Valentine! Imaginary boys are the best ones, right? They don't break up with you, don't smell bad and they do whatever you want them to do!

Here's my list of good books to read at Valentines Day. Since they either contain a super cute boy who I would love to date, or a super romantic love story that I would love to experience. Well, just books I'd like to read on Valentine's Day.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn
I love this book! It's only about 200 pages and the story is set over only one night. But this book is filled with so much awesomeness! It's a fast paced story about Nick and Norah who meet at a club and develops a wicked relationship as they move around the dark streets of New York.

Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson
When I was younger Jacqueline Wilson was one of my favorite author. I had read almost everyone of her books and loved them. One of my favorite Wilson books is Kiss. Even though I think it's for younger people I hope many of you will enjoy it. It's a lighter read with a deep message.

Angel (aka Angel Burn) by L.A. Weatherly
Let's finish this list off with a paranormal romance. I totally love Alex and Willow's love story. I've reviewed this book on my blog (click here to read the review) but I just had to bring this one up again. It's beautiful. Unfortunately the release date for the next book, Angel Fire, has been moved to october this year, but for such an awesome book the wait is definitely worth it.

Btw, as you may notice I've changed my 5 good to 3 good. I felt like listing five different books made the posts too long. So I've shortened it. Hope you like the new way!

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