Saturday, January 1, 2011


So now I've decided to start a book blog, just like so many else have done. I've known about this book blogging thing for and few months and ever since I discovered it I've wanted to start blogging myself. So I did, just in time for the new year. (It's 2:40 am January the 1st here in Sweden where I live. And why am I not in bed or at any fancy new years eve party, you may think. Well, because I've spent the last one hour trying to come up with a decent name for my blog. That's why.)

So, let's talk about me for a while. My name is Olivia, and just as I just told you, I live in Sweden. The cold, snowy Sweden where english books are expensive as hell. (Sorry for my choice of words). I'm about 14 and a half years old and have been studying english for not even five years, so my grammar and use of words may be confusing some times. At my free time I play the piano, hang with friends, spend time in front of my computer and play video games. Of course I love also reading, isn't that very obvious? If I didn't love reading, why would I start a book blog?! I read most young adult fiction, but a few adult novels slip into my tbr pile from time to time. Right now I'm in a dystropian fiction period, but usually I read almost every common genres. If I had to pick some favorite books it would be the popular Hunger Games series, Harry Potter series and Twilight series. What a shocker.

I'm very excited for this blog and hope to be posting lots of good content. I hope that 2011 will be a good reading year with lost of good books. And my little new years resolution will be to keep up this blog and update a lot.

Happy New Year!

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