Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My TIme in England

I spent three weeks of my summer vacation in England. Or rather, a small town on the south west coast called Torquay. I was there together with 30 other teenagers, without any parents. We lived in local families, went to school a few hour a day and did a lot of different activities and trips. We were at something called a language course. Even though it was very, very exhausting due to a packed schedule, I had a ton of fun and have many amazing memories.

A picture of Torquay harbor

The meaning of these trips is to learn more English. The books we used in class were pretty easy, so I didn't learn much from there. But since you're exposed to the language all the time and have to speak it to get understood, it now feels more natural for me to speak English. I've always felt great with writing, reading and listening, and now I can finally add speaking to that list.

We spent the last two days of our trip in London. It's been my favorite city since I visited London for the first time, five years ago. It was awesome to come there again. We saw the truly amazing musical Wicked, the story of the evil witch in The Wizard of Oz. I highly recommend everyone who can to see it!

There's a lot of countries that you can visit for your language course and they arrange them for teenagers from all over the world. If you're interested in more information, you can visit or (And no, I'm not writing this post just to tell you about how amazing these companies are, I just want other people to be able to experience the same things that I did.)


  1. Vad kul att du var på språkresa! Det var jag också, dock på Isle of Wight. En klasskompis till mig var på språkresa i Torquay förra året och tyckte jättemycket om det! Åkte du med EF elelr STS? Jag åkte med STS, men tycker att de var väldigt dåliga på att planera. Min London-resa blev värsta fiaskot (kan dock bero på att jag hade feber då). Men jag tyckte språkresan var helt fantastiskt, och kul att du också verkar tycka det! :D

  2. Åhh, jag såg just din länk till det här inlägget och gick in här igen. Var du och kollade på Wicked?! Din lyckliga människa! Jag har velat se den i en vecka nu (hehe), ända sedan jag hörde Defying Gravity. Den musikalen verkar helt fantastisk! Vilka skådisar var det när du tittade? Jag önskar så att vi såg den istället för någon tråkig Michael Jackson-grej när min grupp var i London. Vet du om man kan köpa den musikalen på dvd eller något? För jag måste verkligen se den! :D