Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer into Spring read-a-thon update #1

I've decided to do a update on my reading for the read-a-thon every 12 hours. (Which makes a total of 3 updates). I know that there's only been 9 hours since the read-a-thon started, but it's past 1am here in Sweden and I'd like to get some sleep. So here's what I've read these past couple of hours.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to read non stop, which I would've wanted to. But I've gotten a few chapters read every now and then. I started reading Wicked Lovely and got about 150 pages in. But I felt that really nothing was happening. so I put that one aside for a bit and started reading something else instead.

I finished the book Prelude to a Hero, which I got for review a couple of weeks ago. (About 250 pages). It was really funny and really adorable.

I've also written two reviews (Ultraviolet & Prelude to a Hero). One of my goals during this read-a-thon is not only to read, but to write reviews for everything I read.

I'm not participating in any of the mini-challenge giveaways since those are US only. But one challenge that I really liked was creating a wordle of your blog. It's practically a picture of words that you use a lot on your blog. You can make one yourself here! My wordle:

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