Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update and my first ever book signing!

I'm sorry that I've been absent from my blog these last couple of days. I've not posted as much as I've wanted to. But I've been really busy. There's only three weeks left of school, and because our teachers have to officially turn in our grades to the school next week, we've had tons of tests. But fotunately, our last test of the year will be on Tusday!

Today I was on my first ever book signing. It was for the Swedish book Cirkeln, which I've told you guys about in an IMM post a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, there was a little Q&A with the authors and then they signed our books and everybody got a Cirkeln bag. I also found out that Holly Black will have a signing at the same bookstore next Thursday! I'll definitely be there.

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  1. SVAR: ÅH! Var du där också! :D Jag var där vid typ kvart i tre eller något sånt :P dd? :P