Friday, April 29, 2011

Enclave - Trailer of the week (#1)

I'm a big fan of book trailers. They're usually much more powerful that blurbs in really capturing the mood of a book. They can in just a few seconds relive the experience you had when you read the book or leave you craving for a book you haven't read. But unfortunately, it feels like book trailers aren't spotlighted that much in the book blogging community. There's a lot of amazing book trailers out there, that not many people get to see. 

With that in mind I decided to start this feature on Magical Books. It's called the Trailer of the Week. I'll post a book trailer every Thursday. New, old, official, fan-made. Doesn't matter. But every trailer I post will have one thing in common, they're super, frickin' awesome. 

This weeks trailer is the official trailer of Enclave by Ann Aguirre. It's a dystropia / post apocalypse / zombie apocalypse young adult novel. It was released a few weeks ago, so due to my book buying ban thingie I haven't bought it yet. But I've heard a ton of great things about it and am really looking forward to reading it.

I just had to make this trailer the first I feature here on Trailer of the Week. It blew my mind.

Find Enclave on Goodreads

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