Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Noteworthy blog posts (2)

Hello, it's me, with another Noteworthy Blog Posts post again. Sharing some posts I've read and really liked. This time, I chose five different posts to share with you guys this time, hope you enjoy!

An awesome post about not finishing books by Word for Teens. I don't usually quit book, I want to give them a chance to grow better. Sometimes I'm really happy that I finished it (Like Syren by Angie Sage, hated the first 200 pages and it took me more than two weeks to get through them. Seriously. But then the last 400ish pages of the book were A M A Z I N G!!) and sometimes I just think it was a waste of time. The last book I didn't finish was And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer, I just couldn't bare the style of the writing. But I'm having a really hard time deciding which Goodreads shelf it should be on .. I haven't finished it, so it shouldn't be on read. Right?

Names in books are important. I've actually picked up books or passed down them just because of the name of the main character. I'm a sucker for characters with the same name as I, Olivia. (Btw, this year there will be many book releases with characters named Olivia. Unusually much.) A great post about character names by Lisa Desproches.

No NBP (yes, that's the shortening of Noteworthy Blog Posts) is complete without an e-reader post, right? An actually really good one by Bree Meets Books.

I myself don't like book blogs that only consist of memes and a couple of reviews every now and then. I participate in two memes, Booking Through Thursday and IMM. That's enough for my blog, though I don't mind blogs doing more memes than that if they have a lot other content than just that. If you want to read a good blog post with thought on memes, you can go to Maggie's Bookshelf.

You don't read? you? by Jess Hearts Books. I've never met people who are surprised by me reading books. In school I always walk around with a book, even if I don't get to read at the class I'm going to. I don't know why, I just do. And it's not like I don't have any friends or anything and sit alone reading at every break (although I wouldn't mind that). And when I meet new people it usually comes up in some point of our conversations. So everybody know that I read. People are more surprised by my playing video games. Since I'm not walking around with my wii or playstation 3 games in school, ha!

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